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Friday, 24 May 2013

Greenstone/Pounamu/Nephrite Jade

This morning I had a rare Saturday where I was home and had nothing planned, so I popped to one of the city’s Saturday markets. Lots going on. Stalls of all kinds over several streets. I picked up a small bag(about 3/4’s of the size of a pack of cards) of cut greenstone(New Zealand Jade, Pounamu) pieces. Most are various sizes of rectangle, square, with a couple of long thin pieces. They’re undrilled and I’m thinking to wirewrap them into earrings and small pendants. I’ve made one into a very simple pin so far. Pounamu, or nephrite jade, historically has significance to Maori(the first people to colonise New Zealand between 900-1400, and considered to be indigenous). It’s very common for people to wear carved greenstone pendants, as they have special meaning. Different designs also have different meanings.

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