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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Christmas in July SALE on NOW, Oldtime earworm, and Kittycat's tale of woe.

I'm currently 'earworming' Lili Marlene, as sung by Marlene Dietrich, during WW2(the song is much older, and originally a german poem, from WW1, set to music in 1938, thank you Wikipedia). It's so haunting, and Marlene Dietrich's rich deep voice makes it even more so.

Onto more cheerful subjects, our Christmas in July Sale is on NOW. From the 1st to the 24th July, ALL items at Oceanic Beads are 10% off, no exceptions. Don't forget to check out our Facebook page and Twitter to keep up with new listings.

My helpful assistant Random cat hasn't been up to her usual supervising, as she's been rather under the weather. I was really really horrible to her the other day and made her go to the vets. She peed on(no, not in, ON) her carrier in the vets office, then while the vet was dispensing her antibiotics, she rolled around on the treatment room floor as if she'd been given catnip...I don't even... Anyway, the good news is the antibiotics are clearing her UTI(TMI?) up. The bad news is that they give her a dodgy belly and she keeps running to the litter box for the 'other' reason now. The other bad news is that all that cost just under $200...so please buy from our shop and donate to 'Random's heath fund'? Please? lol. She's worth every penny.

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