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Saturday, 13 July 2013

.com for Oceanic Beads; and Product photography

You can now just type in www.oceanicbeads.com to reach the Oceanic Beads etsy store. The domain was only a few dollars for a year so I thought I should grab it to protect my business name and branding. Plus it's easier for customers to remember than the long etsy shop url, and now, should I ever get to the point where I need to expand beyond etsy, I already have my own domain. The next time I reorder my business cards I'll just update the info to the .com, and domain email. I currently just have a 401 redirect set up, which means that if you click on the link above, or type it into your browser, it'll take you straight to my etsy store.

I've been trying to get better photos of my bracelets, actually on a model (which is me...did you know that you CAN take clear photos of your own wrist? No neither did I, but they turned out nicely)

Turquoise Bracelet

Lime Green Millefiore Flower Bracelet

One of my biggest product photography bugbears has been good photographs of necklaces. Just can't get good pictures when they're laid flat because they need to hang right. They really do need to be on a prop, so I've ordered a necklace stand like this one.

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