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Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Shaky Isles are at it again...

Early this evening, a large Earthquake, 6.5, hit Wellington, our Capital city, at about 5:10pm. There's damage, of course, including to our parliament buildings, and power is out in places, but no deaths or injuries have been reported as yet. It's been brewing for a few days, actually, with small tremors increasing in intensity. About 2 and a half years ago, the city of Christchurch copped a really bad one...185 people were killed, and the central city was made completely uninhabitable. Much of what didn't collapse in the earthquake had to be demolished. As far as I can make out -I don't live in that part of the country, nor near Wellington, thankfully- much of central Christchurch is still in the process of being cleared and rebuilt.

 Anyhow, up here in the upper North Island this are presently as per usual (and lets hope they stay that way!). I have listed a few items this week, and retaken necklace photos on the necklace form I bought. (Clicking on any of the photos will take you to the item listing):

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